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Get faster permits

GreenLite makes getting a construction permit fast, predictable, and transparent.

Let the GreenLite Platform handle your permitting needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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Trusted by the country’s largest brands!

Designed with you in mind

A more transparent construction permitting experience, for predictability and peace of mind

We understand first-hand how frustrating the black box of permitting can be. With the GreenLite platform, you can check project status and recent updates on each project and across your entire portfolio. Augmented by GreenLite X-Lane, our private plan review team of industry experts, you can confidently predict critical dates and meet your deadlines.

Don’t let permitting slow you down.

Multi-unit retailers


EV Charging Developers

Single Family Residential

Commercial Construction

Real Estate Development

Quick Service Restaurant/Chain

Retail (Non-Food Service)

Multi Family Residential



Civil Engineering



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Get the information you need most, right at your fingertips

Insights & Analytics

Unblock your predevelopment pipeline with the real-time insights you need to stay on time and on budget

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Faster Permits

With GreenLite X-Lane, our multi-disciplinary review team can deliver permits in weeks, not months.

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Digital Plan Review of the Future

Modern plan review is here. Eliminate the guesswork in permitting with clear, straightforward comments how you want them.

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Why GreenLite

Game changing time savings

Stay on schedule and meet your open dates—our centralized platform and expert X-Lane services team push you updates on your permitting process so you’re never in the dark.

With our X-Lane private plan review services, get through plan reviews in days, not weeks.

We permit faster so you can build faster.

Average permitting turnaround

GreenLite X-Lane

First round of plan revisions

90+ days

15 - 20 days

7 days

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Here’s what our customers have to say about GreenLite:

“GreenLite has offered a platform for both expanding retailers and landlords to limit permitting delays and create transparency in the process that has otherwise been challenging to predict.  The end result of this is allowing both parties to effectively negotiate better deal structures and manage towards quicker openings and sooner rent commencement.”

Jason Greenstone
Executive Director, 
Retail Services

“I am excited for our partnership with GreenLite because they share our passion for a permitting platform that uses advanced technology and provides transparency across our portfolio. The project reports provide my team with actionable insights into local requirements and identify issues that could cause permitting delays. I’ve been really impressed with the entire GreenLite team and am looking forward to how they might help Chipotle accelerate growth.”

Cheryl Heidorn
Senior Design Manager 
and Triad Leader

Quick and efficient

Finally, permitting made easy—the way it should be

GreenLite can make the permitting process smoother, more transparent and more predictable. Tackle your forecast with confidence.

Work with GreenLite, and never miss another opening.

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