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We help businesses develop in Houston, TX

GreenLite partners with forward-thinking cities like Houston to help bring provide transparency and predictability to the permitting process. Our platform and experienced team will help you expedite the permitting process.

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Our team has helped bring transparency and speed to permitting projects across the nation. Let our experienced architects, engineers and permit techs guide you through the permitting process to get approved faster. That means less waiting and more building.

What you need to know about permitting in Houston:

  • The City of Houston does not have zoning codes in the same way almost every other AHJ in the USA has. There are still Land Development Ordinances that vary by area/region; however, there are no formal zones or zoning codes, and therefore no zoning permits or approvals required.
  • The State of Texas has its own additional form of ADA law called the "Elimination of Architectural Barriers Act" (EAB Act). This act requires all projects with a construction value over $50,000 to register with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation for a "EAB" review.
Our Mission

We have helped businesses navigate the permitting process all over the United States

Our vision is a permitting process that is clear and accessible to agencies in Houston and the businesses they work with — which means less confusion and faster turnover times.