About GreenLite

We built GreenLite to simplify construction permitting

Professional, thorough and fair regulation of development is important, but it’s often expensive and time-consuming. GreenLite was built to solve challenges that our team members have experienced first-hand with the permitting process.

The current process by which we build in our cities significantly challenges community development

It creates confusion, delays building and makes our cities less competitive. GreenLite was designed to be the fast pass for city planning, construction and real estate development.

Our team members have deep AEC industry experience

As developers, we’ve lived and breathed the challenges of permitting, which is why we’re committed to improving the process. Our goal is for builders, developers and businesses to get back to the fundamental task of building and developing—not get bogged down by permitting delays and endless waiting.

Let’s streamline how we build in America

Whether you’re a mission-driven technologist, love real estate development, are passionate about clean energy and infrastructure, champion small business, or are committed to ensuring that everyone can afford to put a roof over their heads, GreenLite can help.

Where we come from

A team with deep industry and technology experience

James Gallagher

CEO & Co-Founder

Ben Allen

COO & Co-Founder

Craig Martin

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Winnie Tsao

Chief of Staff

Carly Adams

Business Operations Manager

Alex Sassoon

General Manager—GLX

Mike Dietrich

Founding Product Manager

Nathan Burgess

Founding Software Engineer

Eilis Cunningham

Manager, Regulatory and Permit Operations

Justin Greenstone

Senior Account Executive

Peter Teachen

Head of X-Lane

George Deng

Senior Software Engineer

Tammy Smalley

Analyst, Regulatory and Permit Operations

Alex Hufft

Associate, Regulatory and Permit Operations

Kevin Chang

Senior Software Engineer