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Our X-Lane team has extensive private plan review experience across all asset classes and review disciplines, which lets us expertly navigate your nationwide permitting needs. Meet your one-stop shop for plan review across many disciplines, including: architecture and building code, ADA/Accessibility, Life Safety, and engineering disciplines including MEP, Civil, Structural, Fire, and more.

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Partner with our X-Lane team and experience the future of plan review.

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Get your doors open faster by reducing the time for permitting.

Average permitting turnaround

GreenLite X-Lane

First round of plan revisions

90+ days

15 - 20 days

7 days

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Here’s what our customers have to say about GreenLite:

"GreenLite’s top-notch industry expertise, willingness to go above and beyond, and attention to detail have been a game changer in the permitting process.  Collaborating on their platform with both their team of experts and also city building departments has made this crucial process easier and more transparent while giving my team the ability to better predict project timelines."

June Espinosa
Senior Director of Construction

“Working with GreenLite has increased transparency in the permitting process and helped our talented project teams better predict openings in priority markets, helping us bring our restaurants to communities we want to serve. GreenLite saved us time, resources, and allowed our development team to focus on delivering the best possible restaurant for our customers.”

Nate Thompson
Senior Principal Development Lead

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GreenLite makes getting a construction permit fast, predictable, and transparent. Let the GreenLite Platform handle your permitting needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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