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permitting platform

GreenLite makes getting a construction permit fast, predictable, and transparent. Let the GreenLite Platform handle your permitting needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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Transparency to stay on budget and on time

Our platform powered with our GLX services team unlocks the black box of the permitting process. GreenLite’s platform saves you time by pushing you the updates you and your team need to make sure every project stays on-target.

Sleek, purpose-built dashboard

Streamline your pipeline with our sleek dashboard. Filter and export the reports you need most. Save time in your construction meetings and march towards project openings with confidence!

Our platform provides transparency and predictability that mitigates the black box of permitting

Predictability into opening

Our permitting software and multidisciplinary review team work together to make sure you can confidently meet your deadlines and predict openings.

Transparency into your project’s permitting roadmap

We built GreenLite to fix problems we personally experienced with the permitting process, with the goal of creating a platform that would work for a single project or your whole portfolio.

Surfaces action and next steps, helping your team understand what needs to happen to move your development process forward

GreenLite can make the permitting process smoother, more transparent and more predictable. Tackle your forecast with confidence. Work with GreenLite, and never miss another opening.