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GreenLite partners with forward-thinking cities like Pinellas County to help bring provide transparency and predictability to the permitting process. Our platform and experienced team will help you expedite the permitting process.

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Our team has helped bring transparency and speed to permitting projects across the nation. Let our experienced architects, engineers and permit techs guide you through the permitting process to get approved faster. That means less waiting and more building.

What you need to know about permitting in Pinellas:

  • In early 2023, Pinellas County became one of the first AHJs in Florida to allow for virtual inspections. Inspections for minor repairs/OTC permits such as residential water heater/HVAC installation or repair can be conducted virtually, via a smartphone app.
  • FL Statute 553.791 allows for Private Provider Plan Review & Inspections statewide, in all AHJs. It allows for fee owners to choose a Private Provider at their own discretion, when seeking a Building Permit.
  • Prior to building or modifying any form of Driveway, Curb-Cut, or Entrance/Exit intended for cars, you must seek approval from the FL Department of Transportation.
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We have helped businesses navigate the permitting process all over the United States

Our vision is a permitting process that is clear and accessible to agencies in Pinellas County and the businesses they work with — which means less confusion and faster turnover times.