How Much Does a Permit Expeditor Cost

The average cost of a permit expeditor depends on the project: for a small project, such as a single commercial building, costs can range from $500-$4,000.

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The average cost of a permit expeditor depends on the project: for a small project, such as a single commercial building, costs can range from $500-$4,000. For a large-scale project, like a 25,000-50,000 SQ ft building, costs can range from $10,000-$40,000. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $70 an hour, depending on the service you are using, plus other miscellaneous fees that we’ll get into below.

These price points are influenced by factors like:

  • Permit application fees
  • Project complexity
  • Building type (Ex/ Interior remodel vs. ground-up work)
  • Zoning permits
  • Drawing plans
  • State surcharges
  • Taxes
  • Inspections
  • Hourly Work Rates

Additional Influences on Cost

As we touched on above, there are some additional fees associated with permit expeditors that you may have to pay in addition to an hourly rate. These can include costs related to: 

  • Revisions: Sometimes, a revision to an application or a submitted building plan may halt the building permit process. If your project needs revisions on applications, this can increase time and fees. An easy way to prevent revisions is by working with trusted experts on your initial applications. Companies like GreenLite can be a huge asset here, helping you get your permit applications right the first time. Learn more about our services here.

  • Consulting fees: A permit expeditor may charge for their time answering questions about permit issuance.

  • Inspections: An unexpected building inspection during the permitting process can increase the cost. For example, inspections can cause costly project delays, lead to findings that introduce new labor costs, or identify mistakes leading to the purchase of additional materials and/or equipment.  

  • Travel: If building in a remote location, you may need to pay for travel expenses for a permit expediter.

There are also factors related to the project itself that can influence cost. These include: 

Complexity of the Project

Project complexity plays a huge role in determining price.

For example, are you embarking on a large-scale QSR project, building multiple store locations? Or are you building a standalone business? Are there environmental considerations affecting the building process? Do you only need a building permit, or will your building require regular inspections for approval?

These will all affect the project workload and final cost.


The location of a building project also impacts cost. For example, urban areas often have complex permitting processes when compared to rural areas. Additionally, different regions may have different regulations, impacting the permits you need.

Permit Types

The specific type of permit you need for a project also has influence. For example, a small project may need a single building permit, whereas a large-scale project may need a building permit, zoning permits, and environmental permits. The more complex your permitting process, the higher the cost.

How to Find the Right Permit Expeditor

When trying to find the right permit expeditor for your project, keep the following tips in mind:

Do Your Research

Doing research can help you find a trusted permit expeditor.

Look up reviews from other businesses.  Look into their business's credentials and licenses. Ask if you can see past projects for insight into their previous work. All of this information can shed light on their standards and level of expertise.

Prioritize Industry Experience & Local Expertise

Try to look for a permit expeditor who has industry experience relevant to your project, as well as local expertise.

If a permit expeditor has worked in your industry before, it's a good sign that they have knowledge of the laws and regulations relevant to you − even better if they have local knowledge about your state's requirements.

Compare Costs

Many expediting services will have different pricing structures that suit different kinds of projects. For example, one company may have a flat project fee, whereas another might charge for project length.

Ask for References

The best sign that a permit expeditor is a good one is having a referral. Reach out to others in your industry for recommendations, or ask your expeditor for references from previous clients. A good referral can help you make a more informed choice.

Understanding Their Scope of Work 

Before you begin to look for a permit expeditor, you need to have a full understanding of their scope of work. 

Many people don’t have a full understanding of what services a permit expeditor provides, and what they don’t. While this can vary from service to service, here is a breakdown of what you can expect. 

In general, most permit expeditor services will: 

  • Asses project to determine permits required, laws and regulations that apply, etc. 
  • Prepare permit application documents 
  • Submit permits, handling communication and follow-ups until approval 
  • Coordinate with other team members (Ex. architects, engineers, laborers) to keep informed on approval status 
  • Assist with any closeout procedures after permit approval 

In contrast, most permit expeditors will not: 

  • Perform engineering/design work for a project 
  • Manage quality control on a building project 
  • Provide cost estimates or budgets for a project 
  • Provide legal advice 

Keep this in mind when looking for a permit expeditor, so you do not go into your working relationship with unrealistic expectations on what services they provide. 

Interviewing a Prospective Permit Expeditor: What to Ask

Finally, before you decide to work with any prospective expediting service, ask the following questions:

  • What types of permits will I need for my project?
  • Can you show me examples of past projects?
  • What is the approval timeline for this project?
  • Do you know local permitting laws and requirements?
  • How do you communicate with clients during a project?
  • Do you have references from previous clients?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What is your pricing structure?

What Is a Permit Expeditor?

A permit expeditor is a professional who helps businesses obtain the permit(s) they need for a project. While different industries can encounter a wider variety of different permit types, most businesses are looking for a construction permit for a building project.

There are several different tasks in the permitting process that a permit expeditor can handle for a business. They have in-depth knowledge of laws related to building codes, zoning, and other regulations surrounding a new construction project. They will work to manage the permitting process, create a plan, submit and track progress on permit applications, and work with a building's project manager to ensure they get permits on time.

A permit expeditor can save time and money, securing permits efficiently and reducing the risk of costly mistakes and non-compliance that can slow down a construction project.

Do I Need a Permit Expeditor? 

With cost considerations in mind, many businesses end up debating if they should handle permitting of a construction project themselves.

Doing it yourself does have its pros. By handling the process yourself, a business can save money and have full control over a project. The con is missing out on the expertise and time-saving measures of working with an expeditor.

While hiring a permit expeditor can be costly, it has the benefit of working with someone who is an expert in the process. That knowledge holds a lot of value, avoiding costly mistakes while saving time.

Ultimately, the decision is left up to the business and what would best suit their project management needs. However, when it comes to navigating the complex world of permit approvals, we believe a permit expeditor can be an incredible resource. They bring many benefits to a project, including: 

  • Local regulation expertise: Permit expeditors often have in-depth knowledge of the local laws and zoning regulations relevant to your construction project, reducing the risk of delays and issues with local authorities. 
  • Reduce delays: With an experienced professional overlooking the permit process, you can work to reduce delays! This is because permit expeditors prevent setbacks by ensuring project plans and applications are right the first time, leading to faster permit approvals and fewer delays to re-do applications or plans. 
  • Improved communication: One of the sole focuses of a permit expeditor is to communicate with the government bodies involved in permit approval. This can ensure clear and consistent communication between your team and building departments. 
  • Cost Savings: By working to reduce delays, permit expeditors can help to save costs and help accelerate your opening dates. This can be especially valuable in projects where time is of the essence, making sure projects don’t get set back due to delays related to permitting and meeting local regulations. 

As you can see, permit expeditors do have a lot of benefits! With a permit expeditor, a business can leverage someone with extensive experience in securing the necessary permits they need, making the permitting process easy.

Work With a Permit Expeditor Today

Many different factors influence how much a permit expeditor can cost.

Variables such as geographic location, project complexity, and the types of permits needed can all hold influence, on top of the flat cost of a permit expeditor service. It can be pricey, but we find it is worth the investment.

With a permit expeditor, businesses can ensure their next construction project happens faster and smoother. They'll have an expert in their corner, ensuring the permit process gets done right the first time. If you are engaging in the permit process, a permit expeditor may be just who you need.

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