Introducing GreenLite: Streamlining construction & development across the US

For cities to continue to flourish, it’s critical that nothing hinders community development. Construction needs timely approvals, infrastructure requires regular updates, and businesses should swiftly occupy new spaces.

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For cities to continue to flourish, it’s critical that nothing hinders community development. Construction needs timely approvals, infrastructure requires regular updates, and businesses should swiftly occupy new spaces. The challenges of prolonged permitting and entitlements, complex regulatory red tape, and outdated systems and processes significantly jeopardize economic progress.

Founded by a team with decades of retail development experience, we’ve encountered these obstacles first-hand all over the country. That’s why we’ve built GreenLite. We power city planning and community development by accelerating the permit approval process by 75% – that’s weeks, instead of months, or even years. We combine proprietary software and services to increase predictability and transparency in the pre-construction process, reducing time and costs for the development of housing, infrastructure, and businesses. 

With GreenLite’s innovative software, customers can collaborate with engineers, architects, contractors, and stakeholders to reduce risk, keeping everyone on the same page. Users submit for building permits in minutes via a simple, guided workflow. GreenLite’s team of multidisciplinary experts work to ensure applications are code compliant, complete and meet all submission requirements. GreenLite’s in-house team prevents unnecessary delays and serves as a trusted partner to help development teams understand and clarify next steps. The platform also provides real-time updates from a central dashboard to replace late-night phone calls, texts and fragmented emails  – giving customers more predictability in forecasting when they can start construction - and open!

Today, we partner directly with thousands of city, county, and state government agencies across the country to conduct plan review directly on behalf of municipal and local government. We have 100% coverage in the states of Florida and Texas, and our reach is national - coast-to-coast. Our municipal partners rely on our professional commitment to comply with local code; our customers rely upon our commitment to speed, domain expertise, and empathy with the principal reality of real estate development -  that time is money. 

We’ve already supported hundreds of businesses  – including five of the top 10 largest global retailers,  franchises, EV charging networks, and small businesses  – to empower faster openings that support local community development. Some of our innovative, early customers include iconic brands like Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, and Dominos. 

Chick-fil-A, one of GreenLite’s earliest customers, had experienced construction permitting timelines that ranged from six to twelve months in 2022. GreenLite was able to drive construction permitting timelines to weeks, increasing Chick-fil-A’s store development velocity and doing our part to bring their iconic restaurants to new communities. 

“Working with GreenLite has increased transparency in the permitting process and helped our talented project teams better predict openings in priority markets, helping us bring our restaurants to communities we want to serve. GreenLite saved us time, resources, and allowed our development team to focus on delivering the best possible restaurant for our customers.” - Nate Thompson, Senior Principal Development Lead, Chick-fil-A.

We’ve raised over $8M in funding to support our growth

To support our public launch, we’ve raised $8M in seed funding led by Trust Ventures with support from LiveOak Ventures, and Chicago Ventures. We’ll use the funds to build out our go-to-market team, expand to new markets across the US, and further enhance our software and services platform in service to our customers. 

“Permitting is a nightmare. It's difficult to understand the requirements, unexpected delays lead to mounting costs, and it's hard to know where your application stands. Greenlite’s team understands this challenge firsthand, and they’ve built a platform that creates transparency and reduces timelines from months to weeks–which is a gamechanger for developers, architects, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Greenlite is transforming how our cities develop, build, and prosper.” – Sal Churi, General Partner at Trust Ventures.

This is just the beginning of our journey to build better cities and communities by breaking down the complexities that have long hindered development and growth. If you’re excited by what we’re building and interested in getting in touch to learn more about GreenLite, reach out at:

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